Women’s Events

Women’s events provide the unique opportunity for women of all ages and stages to come together and celebrate the bonds of female friendships sharing wisdom, stories, support and laughter with each other – as only women can.

Helene knows this first-hand. She is the founder and creator of The Pajama Party – THE renowned women’s getaway weekends that have been held annually in luxurious Fairmont Hotels and Resorts both nationally and internationally for the past 18 years. She has now sold that part of her business to Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and they continue to carry on her legacy of bringing women together.

Helene is an ambassador for women. Over the years she has met many women who are strong, caring, independent,IIM2 creative, opinionated, kind, unique and truly inspirational. They have inspired her to delve further into the female consciousness with her observations on life as a woman. She speaks with passion, humour and heart and energizes women to wear their life well – inside and out.

By sharing her words and experiences in her always-true-to-the-female- experience way she challenges you to find your confidence and dares you tap into your substance and style. She shows you that by believing in yourself, you can live an enormously rich and productive life.

Her passion and mission has always been to inspire women to love who they are, own their power and to create their best self. Her programs won’t make you rich or thin, but they will help you wear your life well in the pursuit of happiness and of course that perfect outfit…