National Speaker

“Your sessions were well received and everyone in attendance took away some useful and valuable information. You are an extremely polished presenter and we would be hard-pressed to find anyone more professional and knowledgeable.”
Harleen Brown, Human Resources, Telus

“Your program certainly was a winner and you helped make our conference such a success. Our delegates are still talking about how much they enjoyed your presentation. Thanks again Helene. It’s always a pleasure working with you and I look forward to talking to you soon to set up future programs.”
Shireen Symonds, Environment and Operations, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

“If you are looking for a speaker to help your staff and ultimately your team increase their credibility, influence and impact with people, hire Helene Oseen. She is an expert at helping people pull out their personal power and communicate the very best version of themselves. Her messages are relevant, to the point and a whole lot of fun. Helene is a speaker who walks her talk. Book her. You’ll be glad you did.”
Linda Edgecombe CSP, Speaker Hall of Fame.

Women Speaker

When we hired Helene we were looking for someone who could reach the demographic of women aged 35-65 who are interested in health, wellness, fashion, relationship building, self improvement and above all  fun.We chose Helene because she is an amazing ambassador for women and her speaking skills are second to none, with engaging and relevant messaging each and every time. She is able to connect with her audience and teach them something while making them feel good about themselves, which is a rare and very valuable talent. We are always happy to work with Helene and will continue to do so.

Feedback from participants of our events tell us that they feel the same way about Helene as we do. The event simply would not be the same without her. We recommend Helene to anyone who is looking for a strong, organized, highly capable individual who is able to reach her audience and deliver informative, emotional and relevant messaging each and every time.”
Stefanie Hamilton, Marketing Manager, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

When Helene speaks she brings value, humour and connection together in a way that inspires women to empowered action. The audience is always completely engaged during her impactful and interactive presentations. It’s an honour to recommend Helene.
Christine Awram, Founder, Woman of Worth WOW Events


Corporate Consultant

“Positive corporate image and reputation are often critical assets if a company wants to position itself effectively. The same is true for the people who work within it. Helene understands and effectively conveys how important it is for employee image to reflect the company’s values while at the same time building on their own unique strengths and personal brand to position themselves for career success .”
Jeffrey Lipton, President, NOVA Chemicals                                                                                   

“As an organization looking to polish it’s image by educating our employees on professional presence in the workplace, we relied on Helene to deliver the information in an effective, but non-threatening way. She didn’t disappoint. The information was polished and professional as well as entertaining and fun. Even the most skeptical were converted.”
Judith Martel, Marketing Director, Gentra Brookfield

Trainer and Teacher

“Your presentation was very well received and many positive comments were made about the content and style. Many stated that your session was motivating and thought-provoking. As well, they enjoyed your interactive approach and the humour in your sessions.”
Dianne Dutton, University of Calgary, Management Development Seminars

“The evaluations of  the program and Helene as an instructor were very positive. The students noted that they obtained very practical skills that could be applied immediately. We intend to run her programs on an on-going basis.”
R.W. (Rick) Sereda, Dean of Business, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Personal Consultant

“In a highly competitive market, Helene gives her clients the winning edge by helping them uncover, communicate and manage their brand. Her clients gain confidence, poise and the unmistakable aura of success.”
Diane Francis, National Post, Editor at Large, The Financial Post

“I do have definate opinions, but when it comes to professional image, Helene has the last word.”
Catherine Ford, Syndicated National Columnist, Southam Newspapers