Brand New YOU

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Reinvention | 1 comment

“It takes courage to stay interested – to be interesting – and to live an interesting life. You have to reinvent yourself over and over.” ~Robin Fisher Rofer Ever wondered What’s next? Maybe you are in a career rut and not sure how to break out, or recent changes in the economy have affected you. Possibly  you’ve been facing some serious life challenges and you are looking for a way to shake things up. Or, maybe even though there is nothing really wrong with your life, you are starting to feel a shift, a restlessness and a little stir-crazy with certain...

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Could Have. Should Have. Still Can.

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Life happens. Jobs come and go. Colleagues forget favours. Personal relationships change. The law of life has shown us again and again that we are in a constant state of flux. Whether you think everything is perfect in your world at the moment, or you are ready to shake things up a bit because you are bored, change will happen – welcome or not. So what now? Reinvention. It’s not about becoming someone different, instead  its about the evolution of YOU which is bringing your real self to the surface and fulfilling your dreams. It’s a life long journey and an incredible...

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