How You Look

Personal Image and Personal Brand

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Package it. Wrap it in a bow. If  you were to present a gift inside an elegant blue box and another in a common brown box and asked the recipient to choose, which do you think it would be? Savvy marketers understand that you will perceive the value of the contents as more desirable if they present the product with the promise of packaging. That is the image or the promise of value of their product. Each of us have a personal image. Your image is not your personal brand, but it is an extension of it. Your image is a composite of your hairstyle, your clothing, your physical characteristics and...

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Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

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We’ve all had a good giggle at some of the hilarious and weird business photo’s on cards, brochures, bus benches and web-sites that are out there. Just about every part of marketing relies on visual content and it’s the visuals that capture the most attention. If you want  order to effectively promote Brand YOU and attract potential clients, stand out from the crown and step ahead of the competition a good head shot is vital. If you don’t already have a great up-to-date portrait book a photo-shoot as soon as you can. It’s true. A picture really is worth a...

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Face Value

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Lets face it. We all have a resting face that we show the world when we are not paying attention. What do people see on your face when you are not trying? Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Sleepy or maybe even Bashful? You have approximately 90 muscles and 14 bones in your face. Rarely do your muscles work independently, they work together in groups to communicate emotion. Our expressions come naturally to us; they are instinctive.  Long before an infant can utter their first words they have mastered the ability to communicate how they are feeling through their facial expressions. As adults, we have the...

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Dress Code: Keeping a Clothes Eye on Business

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Clothes TALK. It’s fairly clear that the days of  slavishly following  Dress for Success dictates are over. While various professions tend to give rise to certain dress codes, generally people dress for themselves today and that makes things a lot more interesting. The casual workplace took off in the 1990’s with the Silicon Valley millionaires who wore what they wanted to because they could and the rest of the business world watched with envy.  More and more companies adopted some kind of Casual Friday because of employee expectations. It was used as a perk. Today it...

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