Personal Image and Personal Brand

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Package it. Wrap it in a bow. If  you were to present a gift inside an elegant blue box and another in a common brown box and asked the recipient to choose, which do you think it would be? Savvy marketers understand that you will perceive the value of the contents as more desirable if they present the product with the promise of packaging. That is the image or the promise of value of their product. Each of us have a personal image. Your image is not your personal brand, but it is an extension of it. Your image is a composite of your...

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Be Who You Are

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“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” ~Judy Garland If getting to know yourself was a simple as those quizzes on Facebook that tell you life-changing things like what word in the dictionary sums you up best, what colour your soul is and what kind of mind you have, the real- world hard work of getting to know yourself would seem less daunting and take a lot less time, introspection and energy. In defining and developing your personal brand, understanding your essence and what...

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Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

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We’ve all had a good giggle at some of the hilarious and weird business photo’s on cards, brochures, bus benches and web-sites that are out there. Just about every part of marketing relies on visual content and it’s the visuals that capture the most attention. If you want  order to effectively promote Brand YOU and attract potential clients, stand out from the crown and step ahead of the competition a good head shot is vital. If you don’t already have a great up-to-date portrait book a photo-shoot as soon as you can....

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The Message of You

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Everyone loves a story. Story is how we learn from one another and share our experiences. YOUR story is your brand and the message of you is the over-riding theme of your life. What are you all about? How do people feel when your name is mentioned? What are your gifts? How do you touch their lives? The foundation of your personal brand is authenticity and consistency. There is likely no story more powerful than your Eulogy. Imagine yours. What would others say about you when you are gone? Would your co-workers and clients have the same thing...

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Business Introductions

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We make introductions each and every day, yet in a business meet and greet they can be tricky to navigate. Get these basic rules right and your confidence will soar in every situation. Today in most business situations in the western world people relate to each other on a first name basis. However each company has its own unique corporate culture and so you should never assume you can call someone by first and last name automatically. When in doubt a cautious approach is always better than showing disrespect by being carelessly casual. If the...

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Face Value

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Lets face it. We all have a resting face that we show the world when we are not paying attention. What do people see on your face when you are not trying? Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Sleepy or maybe even Bashful? You have approximately 90 muscles and 14 bones in your face. Rarely do your muscles work independently, they work together in groups to communicate emotion. Our expressions come naturally to us; they are instinctive.  Long before an infant can utter their first words they have mastered the ability to communicate how they are feeling...

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Brand New YOU

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“It takes courage to stay interested – to be interesting – and to live an interesting life. You have to reinvent yourself over and over.” ~Robin Fisher Rofer Ever wondered What’s next? Maybe you are in a career rut and not sure how to break out, or recent changes in the economy have affected you. Possibly  you’ve been facing some serious life challenges and you are looking for a way to shake things up. Or, maybe even though there is nothing really wrong with your life, you are starting to feel a shift, a...

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It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

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Think of all the various activities you have engaged in over the past few days, the emails you have sent, the conversations you’ve had, meetings you have been to and the phone call you are about to make. You may be surprised at how much time and energy you actually spend trying to influence others. You may be the CEO of YOU Inc. but never forget no matter what your job title or description you are first and foremost a salesperson. Without sales there is no business and if you want to sell an idea, product or service you need to get people to...

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So, What Do YOU Do?

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Business people today are hyper-sensitive to the networking schtick of yester year. As Jeffrey Gitomer reminds us “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. All things not being equal people STILL want to do business with their friends.” Networking today is all about your ability to engage, build rapport and give value. It’s not the place for hype and boasting because when hype is up, believability is down and when believability and is down, their response to you is down. Don’t make it too long, too boring and too...

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Keep Calm and Calgary On

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On June 20th, 2013 Calgary experienced one of the worst floods in our country’s history. Flood waters overwhelmed Calgary’s Bow and Elbow rivers in the low lying neighborhoods near the rivers including the downtown core and Stampede Park. Nearly 100,000 people were evacuated as we watched homes being destroyed, bridges washing out, cars floating down the river and lives being changed forever . The animals at the zoo needed to be moved to higher ground and the hippos nearly escaped down the river. Just when we thought the worst was...

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