Helene Oseen helps people embrace and enhance their personal power in order to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in their own lives. She shares the solutions and stories that move people to action and empowers them to become the greatest version of themselves. Now and forever.


Personal Brand Expert

As a personal brand expert and highly respected image consultant, Helene doesn’t want you to change who you are or be someone your are not. She’s sure that your basic nature is just fine. Her programs are about fine-tuning how you act, HeleneCircle1how your convey your image and how you send signals. She has helped introverts, extroverts, managers, leaders, salespeople, real estate agents and entrepreneurs be as good with people as they have always wanted to be. She can help you represent your qualities and skills in a way that people respond to in a positive manner so that you can dramatically increase your chances for success.

Sales Professional

An award-winning sales professional with decades of experience in the sales trenches, Helene knows that to be successful it takes a lot more than the right pitch, fancy brochures and more cold calls. Today, business relationships and personal relationships are not just compatible, but absolutely inseparable.

She knows first-hand that selling has fundamentally shifted and trust and authenticity matters most. She give you the answers to a way of connecting with your clients at a human level that changes your brand from the stereotyped salesperson to trusted advisor.

Helene is a distinguished recipient of the  Global Woman of Vision Award. Honoring exceptional women it is bestowed on leaders who have implemented their passion and whose personal dedication and actions inspire others to new levels of success.