Personal Image and Personal Brand

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Tiffany Blue BoxPackage it. Wrap it in a bow. If  you were to present a gift inside an elegant blue box and another in a common brown box and asked the recipient to choose, which do you think it would be?

Savvy marketers understand that you will perceive the value of the contents as more desirable if they present the product with the promise of packaging. That is the image or the promise of value of their product.

Each of us have a personal image. Your image is not your personal brand, but it is an extension of it. Your image is a composite of your hairstyle, your clothing, your physical characteristics and your manners. It is the mental picture people have of you when they hear your name.

Your personal brand reflects your true individuality, values, ability and reputation. It’s about what people feel about you when they hear your name. It’s how they describe you to others. It’s what they say about you when you are not in the room.

Of course it’s always about what is inside. Packaging shouldn’t matter. But it does.

In a crowded marketplace help your clients choose YOU first. Show them the promise of your value in your packaging. Then they will be anxious to see what kind of gift is inside.


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