Be Who You Are

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bigstock-Who-Are-You-40494181“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”

~Judy Garland

If getting to know yourself was a simple as those quizzes on Facebook that tell you life-changing things like what word in the dictionary sums you up best, what colour your soul is and what kind of mind you have, the real- world hard work of getting to know yourself would seem less daunting and take a lot less time, introspection and energy.

In defining and developing your personal brand, understanding your essence and what makes you tick is the first step toward creating a business and a life you love. The process takes time however the rewards for knowing who you are and being valued for it in today’s marketplace is empowering. By communicating your authentic personality, skills and values you will attract your ideal clients – those that already get where you are coming from and are a great fit to work with because your brand is tuned into their frequency.

Focus on the first step in brand building which is to search for the soul of you. Start by making a list of the most relevant 5-8 words that you feel describe you best when you are owning your personal power. These should reflect your personality, core values and attitude. Put those in your I AM column. In another column make a list of your I AM NOT words. If you find this task difficult you are not alone, it’s hard to be objective about yourself.

Then go through the same exercise with several colleagues and friends. Ask them to make a list of the most relevant 5-8 words that they would use to describe you in YOU ARE and YOU ARE NOT columns. It’s hard to know what others think of you so the only way to find out is to ask for their input.

Is there a common theme? Are there are at least 3 words about you that have a similar meaning and feeling? Are those three words meaningful to you? If so, that is the fundamental message of you that the world wants to hear.

Be more of YOU.

PS … Remember when you are considering your attributes, be as kind to yourself as Facebook is. After all, who am I to argue that I am not a fascinating, creative and family oriented woman who should live in a Beach House in California and drive a Lamborghini. It was on the internet, so it must be true.

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