Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

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CameraWe’ve all had a good giggle at some of the hilarious and weird business photo’s on cards, brochures, bus benches and web-sites that are out there. Just about every part of marketing relies on visual content and it’s the visuals that capture the most attention. If you want  order to effectively promote Brand YOU and attract potential clients, stand out from the crown and step ahead of the competition a good head shot is vital. If you don’t already have a great up-to-date portrait book a photo-shoot as soon as you can.

It’s true. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Potential clients will look at your photograph before they read any of your carefully crafted word copy. Does it enhance what you have to say? Does your photograph clearly communicate who you are and what you do? Depending on your point of view, getting your picture taken can be exciting or stressful. After all the time, energy and money that goes into a photo shoot there is nothing worse than feeling disappointed in the end result.

Here are my top tips and tricks to help with your photo shoot preparation.

Identify Your Message

Get clear on what you want to achieve so that you can prepare for it yourself and also explain it to the professional photographer that you commission. Good still photography is a joint venture and it’s important that you feel rapport with each other and work together to capture the look and feel you want. Your photo shoot can take place in-studio, your office, outdoors or any other place that is a suitable setting. Don’t hesitate to get creative, however keep in mind that a clean white background is the most versatile to use for various applications in your marketing materials. Keep the focus on you. In today’s age of digital photography it’s nice to know that dozens of images can be taken in order to caption the best of you. If in the end you end up with one or two photos that you love the session is a success.

Ask yourself. What is the energy and message you want to convey? What do you want your clients to feel about you when they see your photo? What words describe your personal style and brand?

Research Photos. Look around, what grabs your attention? Browse through various web-site of successful individuals in your industry. Look in magazines. Look at anything that captures you. Do you see any photographic styles you like? Don’t like. Look at your own past still shots. Which did you like, why? Why not? What do you want the tone of your new portrait to be?

The Best Version of You

Your hair, make-up and clothing choices should reflect who you are when you are at your best. Don’t go over the top and make sure you put in enough effort to look polished. Generally photo shoot make-up is a bit more than you normally wear as studio lights are bright. Overly glossy makeup and super shimmery eye shadows will catch the light and be distracting. If you are not used to wearing make-up be sure to wear a foundation and powder in order to even out your skin tone and a lipstick to define your mouth.  Whether you are comfortable in a little or a lot of makeup be sure to bring extra powder to the shoot that you can reapply if necessary.

Let Your Clothes Talk

Understand the details of clothing through the lens of communication. There are various levels of influence and authority in clothing encoded in the colour, shapes and textures you wear. Choose clothes that make you feel good and compliment both your personality and industry.

Here are some other tips and tricks for a successful photo shoot:

  • Wear a simple, long sleeved garment without a lot of fuss around the neckline, something that will create a frame for your face.
  • Don’t wear white, or light pastel colours especially skin tones like pink, beige’s, tan and peach as they will blend too much with your skin and wash out against the white background in the studio. The idea is create contrast.
  • Strong bright colours like yellow, orange and red are not a good choice either. They will overpower your face.
  • Dark shades are flattering and slimming but black can look harsh. Navy Blue is much kinder. Consider rich, mid-tone colours like blues, teal, eggplant, caramel, brown, wine red or any other colours that you love emotionally and that suit your personal colouring.
  • Avoid big, busy patterns. They are confusing and don’t photograph well.
  • If you wear something that compliments your eye colour close to your face, it will intensify the sparkle in your eyes.
  • Keep your jewelry simple.
  • Don’t wear clothing that wrinkles easily and keep your clothing classic in order to avoid dating yourself.

If you love what you are wearing you will be smiling from the inside out and it will show up in the photograph. Look like yourself.

Embrace Your Energy

In life the energy you project to others is read at an unconscious level when they are in your presence. They can also feel your energy in a still photo. The camera can photograph thoughts and emotions. When you look at the camera think happy thoughts about something that makes your heart smile. Smile a bit bigger that you usually do and communicate joy through your eyes – even if you really want to cringe. Let your essence shine through and people will be magnetically attracted to your confidence and charisma.

Now, take a deep breath, straighten your posture and relax. The focus in on YOU.


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