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We make introductions each and every day, yet in a business meet and greet they can be tricky to navigate. Get these basic rules right and your confidence will soar in every situation.

ConversationToday in most business situations in the western world people relate to each other on a first name basis. However each company has its own unique corporate culture and so you should never assume you can call someone by first and last name automatically. When in doubt a cautious approach is always better than showing disrespect by being carelessly casual.

If the C-suite executives or managers are known as “Ms. Brown or Mr. Green you should introduce the individuals by his or her title. However if they are known as Sheila Brown or Scott Green follow that lead for making your introductions.

In any business situation persons of lesser authority are always introduced to the person with higher authority or position. Gender or age play no role in business introductions.

Example: When introducing a junior executive to a senior executive you would say: “Good Morning Ms. Brown. I’d like to introduce to you Mr.Lane from our marketing department. Ms. Brown is our Director of Finance.

The customer is always considered more important than anyone in your company or business, even if the customer is junior level and your colleague is senior level.

Example: Christine Murphy, I’d like to introduce to you our General Manager, Brad White. Christine is the Event Planner for ABC Corporation.

When introducing peers to peers within the same company, introduce the one you know less well, to the  one you know better.

Example: Rob Hill, I’d like to introduce to you Dafina Walters. Rob is a new Realtor who has just joined our office.

When introducing a peer in your company to a peer in another company, out of an act of respect and decorum the peer in the other company is higher in the pecking order.

Example: Kenneth Tyler I’d like to introduce to you, my colleague Janet DuBoyce. Kenneth is in sales at XYZ Radio. 

There are always situations in which you need to introduce yourself. Take the opportunity to do so as often as possible. Smile, make eye contact and extend your hand.

Example: Hi, I’m Tom Isaac. I’m an account executive with Perfect Printing and I wanted to introduce myself to you. At that point the other person should introduce themselves as well: Hi Tom, I’m Sandy Dublin. I’ve just left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and I have a catering business. Nice to meet you.

In any scenario always give them a little information about each other, plant a seed, give them a cue as to what they may have in common so that it makes it easier for them to continue the conversation and connect with each other. It will make them feel at ease with each other and with you.

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