It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

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Think of all the various activities you have engaged in over the past few days, the emails you have sent, the conversations you’ve had, meetings you have been to and the phone call you are about to make. You may be surprised at how much time and energy you actually spend trying to influence others.

StaircaseYou may be the CEO of YOU Inc. but never forget no matter what your job title or description you are first and foremost a salesperson. Without sales there is no business and if you want to sell an idea, product or service you need to get people to buy YOU first. Any situation where “we’re persuading and convincing people to give up something they value for something you have” writes Daniel Pink “that’s selling”.

You are selling Brand YOU whether you are selling traditional products or selling the invisible. You already have a Brand. Your personal brand is the perceptions and emotions stored in someone else’s head. It lives in their mind. It’s how you make them feel. What you think of yourself doesn’t matter. Do you really know how you are perceived? Are you communicating the very best version of yourself?

Personal Brand is about being more of who you are. It’s not about changing your personality or being something that you’re not. It’s not about a contrived image or a snappy slogan. A logo is not a brand.

In business and in life your role is fundamentally about moving people to take action and make a decision. You are selling to others is that what you have to offer is worth their time, energy, money and trust.

Ponder this. Even when you are buying you are selling. In trying to come to agreement on that service contract you are negotiating or the house you just put an offer on, you are attempting to sell your opinion of the value to the seller.

Many people think of selling as a dirty word. Their perception is still that of a sleazy, slimy salesman that uses high pressure tactics and hood-winkery. That view of sales is outdated. There is a new way of selling today. It’s about persuading people through connecting, not conning. It’s about striking a balance between what others want and what you can provide them.

Business as usual is no longer enough. Your personal strengths are your best competitive advantage. In order to move from the perception of pushy person to trusted human, you need to become an effective self-marketer and build on your personal power base to build rapport and help people connect to your brand.

There is a continuum of six core concepts to personal power and anyone can master the habits and traits of an authentic and charismatic person.  It’s not something you were born with or without. All of them are learnable skills and steps to showcase your character. You use them to communicate your competence and connect with others.

Power with people is difficult to define but easy to recognize. It is an intangible that produces very tangible results. Selling Brand YOU is a very human experience.

In order to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the success you deserve you need to capture people’s attention, respect and buy-in.

Could you be more effective by improving your ability to positively influence and connect?

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