So, What Do YOU Do?

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bigstock-Quality-Choice-Among-The-Wanna-2222440Business people today are hyper-sensitive to the networking schtick of yester year. As Jeffrey Gitomer reminds us “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. All things not being equal people STILL want to do business with their friends.”

Networking today is all about your ability to engage, build rapport and give value. It’s not the place for hype and boasting because when hype is up, believability is down and when believability and is down, their response to you is down. Don’t make it too long, too boring and too pushy. If it even hints at sounding sales-y or fake people will tune you out instantly. You need to connect at a human, heart-felt level in order to persuade people that they want to converse further with you and ultimately turn the contact into a relationship and a warm meaningful connection.

When at all possible ask the question of the other person first. Be genuinely interested and ask them questions. When you are asked the question, answer it simply. Have you narrowed your life down into a succinct and relevant answer? The goal is not to gather leads, but to start a relationship that begins with a conversation, not a sales pitch. The statement should peak their curiosity and not be confusing. Make certain the other person knows what you do when you are done. Vagueness doesn’t tend to inspire confidence. Does your answer inspire confidence that you are a master of whatever you are selling? If you can’t properly express who you are selling to, what you are selling, and why you are selling it, do you think other people will take the time to try and figure it out?

Here is the formula to help you craft a clear, succinct manifesto.

I help X do Y so that Z.

Conveying your uniqueness in a few simple sentences is challenging and time consuming. Plan, prepare and practice, practice, practice. Have you answered the fundamental questions? What is your specialty? What is the difference you, or what you are selling will make? When you are responding to the question have the mind-set of ‘how can I serve you’ not ‘how can I sell you. ‘Communicate your message with enthusiasm, clarity and conviction. By your answer, you will either waste the next 30-60 seconds or persuade people to buy YOU and enrich your business and life immensely.

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